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Corporate Recovery and Bankruptcy

Creation of recovery plans, corporate planning, legal audit, participation and representation of clients in meetings of creditors, credit assessment and guarantees for the recovered company.


Development and implementation of compliance, review, assessment and additives programs for valid contracts

International Commerce and Customs Law

We aim to identify and present solutions in the constitution and habilitation of companies to practice international trading; to systemize importing/exporting operations; to create contracts, assessments and consults with the inspection agencies.

Public-Private Partnerships

Notice analysis, creation of joint ventures and their respective instruments.

Corporate Law

Creation of legal entities, acquisition and selling of companies and equity holdings, creation of shares and quotas; incorporations, mergers and demergers; creation and reshaping of contracts, statutes, assembling and disbanding of companies; creation of joint ventures etc.

Civil and Commercial Law

Our expert staff is ready to offer an efficient legal consultancy service, always aiming for the best solution.

Legal Due Diligence

Measurement of existing risks and presentation of information required to the economic planning of a company.

Digital Law

Audit of electronic contracts and documents, analysis and emission of assessments for implementing e-commerce, planning and gathering of tax incentives for the development of digital companies etc.

Third Sector

Development of social investment projects, be them individual or in conjunction with public and private institutions, englobing the constitution of civil associations and private foundations etc.

Familiar Holding/Succession Planning

To protect the wealth of successor of a company in which their parents are shareholders, without the tardiness of the process of an inventory and without losses of cost reducing nature.

Employment Law

Guidance on employment practices in the daily routine of companies, in tandem with how their Human Resources and Management teams work.

Tax Law

To minimize the impacts caused by Brazil’s taxes in the clients’ operations, with a well-structured tax plan; gathering of tax incentives.

Environment Law

Consultancy of national and international projects, always with honesty, ethics, and professionalism.

Credit Recovery

Well-prepared professionals, with experience in administrative and legal offices, who can solicit, with celerity and precision, updated credits to the authorities.

Quoteholder/Stockholder’s deal

Pooling agreements, lock up provisions; Right of first refusal; Right of first offer; Call Option; Put Option; Pay to Play; Tag Along; Dag Along etc.

Accidents and Occupational diseases

Preventive and contentious consultancy for health and occupational security related areas, with special focus on accidents and occupational diseases.

Brands and Patents

Registering services for brands, patents, industrial design, software, franchises, fashion law and other intangible values.

Regulatory and Administrative Law

Analysis of notices and contract drafts, qualification in public events, creation and presentation of proposals, examination of documents from the competition.

Consumer Relations

Questions and disputes involving e-commerce, buying clubs and online collective purchases.

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