Sant’Ana Advocacia e Consultoria strengthens its activities in Customs Law and International Business.

In order to offer greater convenience to clients looking to do business in other countries, notably in China, Germany, Austria, France and Italy, the Firm SANT´ANA ADVOCACIA E CONSULTORIA  has just added a new member to its staff: Dr. Rita Carvalho, who, with a team of qualified professionals and their vast experience in international business,

Sant’Ana Advocacia e Consultoria signs a consultancy agreement with major artistic and musical entertainment companies

The difficulty imposed by the Brazilian legislation in demanding legal requirements to hold entertainment events in the cultural area (musical concerts, theater plays, cultural events, trade fairs, etc.) makes more and more companies operating in this segment in need of professionals who, in addition to knowing the specific legislation, know how to translate with clarity

Reduction of tax payments

With the aim of reducing the payment of taxes levied on its operations, the firm ROBSON SANT’ANA ADVOCACIA E CONSULTORIA, with the State Finance Department of Bahia, obtained the approval of tax credits from a company that operates in the electricity sector, enabling it to use them in the payment of ICMS-IMPORT. Such tax planning

Unlocking financial assets arising from FIES transfer

The firm ROBSON SANT’ANA ADVOCACIA E CONSULTORIA, facing the Federal Justice, obtained a decision determining the release of financial assets from the transfer of the Student Financing Fund program (FIES), to a Higher Education Institution (IES), in view of the non-enforcement of the aforementioned public resources. This decision enabled the IES to return its financial

Suspension of labor court pledges

One of the major problems that affect the routine of companies is the judicial blockages, often resulting from labor lawsuits, creating a great difficulty in the company’s financial management. In view of this fact, the firm ROBSON SANT’ANA ADVOCACIA E CONSULTORIA has been achieving, with the Regional Labor Court, Global Agreements for companies in different


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