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Working Environment and Performance

The Office’s physical structure reflects exactly what we believe as the ideal way for an efficient service: sober, discrete, comfortable and personalize, with continuous professional improvements, which allow us to offer legal services related to tax, employment, corporate, consumer, criminal-economic, third-sector, customs, bankruptcy and digital law, with highly qualified technical capabilities of performing legal due diligence and familiar holding.

As a result, the office honors its clients in varied industrial and commercial segments, them being from the public or private spheres, always with professionalism, ethics and honesty, values that we defend as pillars of our services.

Who we are and our work procedures

ROBSON SANT’ANA ADVOCACIA & CONSULTORIA is formed by a group of extremely well-trained professionals that can work in varied legal areas, always aiming to offer an excellence-focused service to clients, with honesty and straightforwardness.

Based on those terms and aiming to tend to the clients’ convenience, ROBSON SANT’ANA ADVOCACIA & CONSULTORIA’s professionals use computer based management of the judicial and/or administrative proceedings, while also using advanced proceeding’s management software, available on the internet and constantly updated, allowing the client to always have the information at hand as long as they have the login and password set up.

ROBSON SANT’ANA ADVOCACIA & CONSULTORIA’s professionals always aim for a high level of excellence in serving our clients, taking part in courses and lectures that they might minister or attend in Brazil or in other countries, with great investments in the office’s operational structure to appeal to our clients’ satisfaction.


The quest for quality, efficiency, excellence and innovative ways of offering services, with a well-prepared staff, makes ROBSON SANT’ANA ADVOCACIA & CONSULTORIA an office that always offers great legal services.

Around Brazil

Established in Salvador, São Paulo and Brasília, the office was founded by Robson Sant’Ana, a lawyer with extensive experience in the business area who, throughout his career, noticed the need of a personalized way of dealing with clients, identifying with surgical precision the real demands they might have, offering legal services with notorious uniqueness.

Our Team

Our staff is composed of professionals who are continuously improving their technical knowledge, in tune with society and the market’s new demands. The team has a determinant and decisive work style in front of Courts nationwide, without any diminishing results in the excellence standards set up in how our consultancy services work, always in a honest, ethical, responsible and straightforward way.

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